Here at TGIM, we’re in the business of creating tomorrow’s writers …today! We are an innovative publishing house that focuses on empowering communities and impacting individuals on a global scale. Creating writers -and not just publishing writers, has given us an edge that’s made us unique in our industry. This focus drove us to create and brand new services like our writing program: Writing for the Soul Workshop™.

Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is a vibrant program that invokes a passion for writing, resources for healing, and skills for a lifetime while tackling global problems like social, financial and educational inequity. Too many of the world’s most disadvantaged children grow up without the skills needed to thrive in the twenty-first century. This includes children right here in America.

Inequality in education contributes to making the inequalities in wealth, income, opportunity and power even greater. While in early stages of development in 2011, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ greatly reduced these inequalities in communities where local area youth had access to the program. Our writing program was successfully replicated in 2013 through collaborations with educators, psychologists, sociologists, clergymen and business consultants around the world.

Educational OutcomesToday, Writing for the Soul Workshop™ is experiencing exponential growth in Africa, Asia and here in North America. Youth in these countries that are accessing our curriculum are becoming better writers …better readers. Because education is a shared global value, our program is proof that we can improve it by working together despite our differences and across country lines. Click here to learn more about the WOW Factors of our program, and how YOU can launch a Writing for the Soul Workshop™ in YOUR community to help end social, financial and educational inequity around the globe.

TGIM has a policy that no one leaves our Workshop hungry.  Our Program Providers around the world are serving just over 1200 youth every week.  We started this policy after surveys taken by our participants revealed that a large number of them only eat twice a day …at school.

Read more about how our program impacts Food Insecurity, and help us support these efforts through our Go Fund Me Campaign.  Click below to help ensure that no child ever leaves our program hungry.


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