TGIM New Release: Ozark Mountain Girl

Ozark Mountain Girl CoverTGIM Digital Publishing is excited about our newest release Ozark Mountain Girl.  Written by Oliver Cromwell Hardee, a Missouri native, the story catalogs the life of Hanna Fuller, the Ozark Mountain Girl.  In this debut work, Mr. Hardee establishes robust and enjoyable characters, with a story line that anyone who has ever had a dream can identify with.

More About Ozark Mountain Girl

The story started out as a song written by Mr. Hardee, and that song inspired him to write the whole story of the Ozark Mountain Girl.  This novel follows Hanna from the Ozark Mountains as she searches for fame and fortune.  Have you ever had a dream? Ever wanted to do something great or be someone more than you are today? Well that’s who Hanna Fuller is. Hanna dreamed of being a star – of making a name for herself. Being born and raised in rural Missouri wasn’t helping the desire that burned within her. How can a girl living in the middle of nowhere make a name for herself? With that question solved, Hanna decides it’s time to begin her journey. While we all know that these types of dreams aren’t easy to come by, Hanna sets her mind to do whatever it takes to make it. She encounters many different types of people on her journey who all play a vital role in her life. This story hit very close to home and I’m sure it will for all readers in one way or another! Want to hear more, want to find out exactly what Hanna is up to? I encourage you to open the cover of this easy-to-read adventure and find out for yourself if Hanna has what it takes!  6 X 9 302 Pages.

Purchase the eBook today by clicking here: TGIM Online. TGIM has global distribution in place, so our customers can access our products from anywhere. Delivery by download or Dropbox® Transfer to ANY device! Free download of Thank You by Kansas City recording artist Rashad with any purchase! For your publishing or fundraising needs, give us a call at: 855.377.TGIM.

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